Regulatory Compliance

Velocitel offers industry-recognized RF health, safety, and regulatory compliance solutions to wireless companies through SiteSafe. SiteSafe provides a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to assist companies that are required to comply with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulations pertaining to human exposure to RF energy and responsibilities of wireless carriers to protect the patterns of existing AM stations. Velocitel and SiteSafe offer these products to complement Velocitel’s end-to-end wireless site development services — taking you from the earliest stages of site planning, to site deployment, and all the way through to due diligence and ongoing compliance documentation. SiteSafe’s regulatory compliance services provide detailed analysis and reports to help licensees comply with FCC, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and OSHA regulations—demonstrating through a certified, point-in-time report that due diligence was performed.

Services include:

  • RF Exposure Studies (EME/NIR)
  • Compliance Remediation Services
  • AM Detuning
  • Environmental Compliance Services
  • Interference Studies
  • Airspace/FAA Studies
  • RF Safety and Awareness Training
  • Spectrum Coordination (SpectrumWatch┬«)